Pre- Construction Phase , We Focus on...

  • Customer expectations 
  • Write detailed and accurate estimates that the client and the design team can trust (Take Out semicolon).
  • Assist the design team in the selection of equipment, materials and systems that meet the budget; (Take Out semicolon).
  • Assign a project team that is perfectly suited to the project.
  • Attract the best subcontractors. (Take Out semicolon) 
  • Create a Guaranteed Maximum Price that meets budget, provides the client with the dream project and limits change orders. 

During The Construction Phase, We Focus On...

  • Providing the highest quality construction.
  • Creating a safe and orderly project site.
  • Meeting the schedule.
  • Limiting the punch list and creating a project with no warranty issues.
  • Proper project documentation. 

Close-Out Phase, We Focus On... 

  • Ensure order specifications are met.
  • Address all client feedback.  
  • More than completion of the punch list, we deliver the project to the client so they can transition to occupancy or operations. 

Each phase of construction has its own set of defined tasks and objectives.

We performed the construction phases thoroughly; each phase establishes the strategic framework for a successful project.